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Ten Quick and Easy Recipes for the Lunch Box

by Ursula Furi-Perry

The kids are tired of the same ol’ PB & J, but you’re too busy and time-crunched to think up new lunch-box ideas.

With crazed work schedules, multiple kids’ activities and trying to achieve some sort of normal family life, packing your kids’ lunch can be a burdensome task. Yet you don’t have to rely on the school cafeteria to provide your children with a nutritious midday meal. With some easy changes, your lunch box routine can be a breeze.


Think hands-on. “Kids love to eat with their hands,” says Chef Joe Geloso, Regional Manager at the Boston-based Back Bay Restaurant Group. “They also love different shapes they can grab, like pizza, fried chicken, or corn dogs.” For an easy and quick lunch, make your own stackable treat: cut up some lean lunch meats, cheeses and fresh vegetables, then include a few whole wheat or multigrain crackers and let your child have fun with his meal.

“Cut up and clean ingredients the night before,” advises Rosalie Furi, Executive Chef at Tri-Palms Restaurant in Palm Springs, California. “This will cut down on prep-time in the morning.” Also, don’t be afraid to put junior to work. “Helping is always fun,” Furi says. “For sandwiches, do the cutting and let your kids assemble.”

And if you’re looking for new ideas, try these ten nutritious and fuss-free recipes you and your kids will love:



Lunch Safety Tip

Reusable ice packs are a must if you've packed any meat, egg or dairy products, including mayo.

When cooking for a date at home, it's important to set the stage too.

Quick microwave recipe for kids



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