When you are sick of restaurant meals and tired of eating over the sink,
it's time to move Beyond Bacholor Salad.




June/July 2013

Recover From A Divorce
There's no doubt about the fact that divorce is a life-altering experience. The actual process, dominated by attorneys, negotiations, paperwork and an appearance before the judge, seals the legal details, but individuals who go through divorces often need more support than a judge and lawyers will give.

Spring Smoothies
In our hectic lives, we rarely get the chance to slow down and relax, and our diets are often one of the first casualties of this rush. Well, spring is here, and we’ll fix both of those problems quite quickly.

Empty Fridge, Nothing Else To Eat Meal Planning
We all have evenings when we open the refrigerator, stare glumly inside and realize there’s nothing for dinner but some ketchup and yogurt. It’s a side effect of being single and busy…either there’s no time to shop or there’s no time to cook.

Cooking 101


Apple and Lemon Yellow Acorn Squash   Seasonal


Spring Feasts & Treats

On Being Frugal

How Much Money is in a Frugal Food Budget?
Any family facing major budgetary hurdles can trim food expenses, but many people don't know where the line lies between abundance and actually not enough to survive on. A good benchmark is the USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) budget allotments, which are adjusted each year.

$6.57 Per Day
On the way home from a party tonight I stopped at my local Safeway and spoke briefly with a panhandler on my way out of the store. I handed over the contents of my coat pocket, about 24 cents short of the dollar he’d asked for, and he thanked me gratefully and said it was the start of rebuilding after someone had trashed his camp this evening.

Stay On Budget, Stay On Budget...
When you're starting out in a new home, sometimes with less than half the food budget you used to have, it's important to set a weekly grocery budget and then make every effort to stay on that budget.

Gadgets & Gear

  • The Tricked Out Kitchen
        For some people cooking is a hobby,
        for others it is a comfort. One thing
        cooking should not be is a chore...