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Recover From A Divorce

by Brenda Kohlmyer

There's no doubt about the fact that divorce is a life-altering experience. The actual process, dominated by attorneys, negotiations, paperwork and an appearance before the judge, seals the legal details, but individuals who go through divorces often need more support than a judge and lawyers will give.

Thankfully, there are more resources available now to people who want help recovering and rebuilding their lives after divorce. Private counselors, and possibly more importantly, group therapy sessions, are more available now to help people who want to recover and rebuild their lives after divorce. While everyone works through recovery in their own time, it often helps to find a local group of people who are going through the process at the same time.  


While some therapy groups function on a drop in basis, there are benefits to enrolling with programs that take a longer term approach to divorce counseling. Often available through counseling offices or churches, these programs last from 4 to 10 weeks and cover a range of topics to help divorced people heal, including the discussions about the grief cycle associated with any major life change.

This list offers a few places where people are meeting to heal from divorce.   The links below are all for organized groups who meet off-line because, even though this site is dedicated to solo cooks, recovering from divorce should not be a solo process.   It's important to reconnect with people locally who can help you rebuild life in the here and now. And who knows, they may even host a potluck where you can show off your cooking skills.


Divorce Care is a Christian focused program used by churches nationally to support divorced and divorcing members of their commuities. Their website lists 1,500 support groups throughout the United States.


Divorce Recovery Based in Tuscon, Arizona, this group of volunteers run a variety of programs for divorced singles.


Divorce Dialogue This support group is facilitated by founder Rob Kaufman. He is a licensed social worker based in the Los Angeles (Encino) area.


Seattle Separation and Divorce Support is a Seattle based counseling service offering counseling and group therapy sessions for people who are going through separation and divorce. They also offer support for parents concerned about helping their children successfully cope with transitions caused by their parent's divorce.

For The Kids' Sake Parenting Seminar is a program of Lutheran Community Services Northwest facilitates the Snohomish County mandatory parenting classes required prior to divorce in King and Snohomish counties.




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