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10 Tips for Eating Healthy

We all know that we need to eat healthily. The government continually reminds us and even has a healthy eating pyramid to make sure that we are aware of what we should be eating to stay healthy.

But where do you begin to start healthy eating?

These 10 tips to healthy eating are designed to get you going. They're not everything you need to know, but you need to start somewhere.

    1. Eat a variety of foods. Different foods provide different nutrients, so eating a variety of foods is an excellent place to start.

    2. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. The recommendation is at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. That's actually not as daunting as it may sound. Start by snacking on an apple or a banana each day. Make sure that you have vegetables with your meals. You'll soon be on track.

    3. Eat whole grains. Whole grain pasta is just as easy to cook as regular pasta, but it isn't processed as much. Choose whole grain varieties when you eat bread. Brown rice instead of white rice is also an easy change to make.

    4. Eat regularly. Don't skip meals. Especially make sure that you don't skip breakfast, even though it's tempting to do that if you've overslept and could be late for work. Skipping meals just makes you start to feel hungry and then the temptation to eat an unhealthy snack creeps in.

    5. Eat moderate portions. Don't be afraid to leave some food on your plate. It's better to leave some food uneaten than it is to just eat food for the sake of it.

    6. Choose a healthy side order. You don't have to have fries with every meal. Choose a salad instead. Or skip the fries entirely.

    7. Eat before shopping. It's been proven that you buy more food if you go to the supermarket before eating, so always shop on a full stomach.

    8. Don't add extra sugar. And read the label to discover just how much sugar there is. Be especially careful with foods that are marked as "low fat" as the fat that's been lost is often replaced with sugar in one of it's multitude of forms.

    9. Keep a bottle of water in your car. You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Make sure that you drink a glass of water about 20 30 minutes before eating, you'll feel fuller and will eat less when it comes to meal time.

    10. Chicken isn't necessarily a healthy option, especially if it's been breaded and deep fried! If the only option you have available is fried chicken, peel off the skin before eating it.