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Cooking 101 & References

Getting Started - Stocking the Pantry
Stocking your pantry is the first step to feeding yourself.....

Getting Started - Tools of the Trade
One of the coolest things about cooking is the wide variety of gadgets.   When you're setting up your kitchen you'll learn that

Taking the Mystery Out of Cooking Terms "Al dente, puree, prosciutto, wasabi... Cooking has its own sometimes mysterious language, but here's a list of terms and definitions to help you decipher your recipes...

Learning About Spices
Spices are what separate an average cook from a great cook. ...

Starting Over After Divorce
Did your Ex get the kitchen? You're not alone. In every divorce someone gets to keep the china and the pots and pans and the potato peeler while the other person gets the broken everyday dishes...if they are lucky.



Bowl full of peppers

Food Safety Tips

Handling Raw Ground Beef
Whenever you work with raw ground beef, make sure you...


Reducing Standard Measurements
Reducing recipes is pretty easy once the math's done. It's just that the math isn't exactly standard...

Other References

Graham Kerr's Food Preference Sheet
One of the best ways to decide what to cook, is knowing what you like to eat. Graham Kerr has an online tool that helps you clarify your food preferences. The checklist takes about 15 minutes to complete. As a bonus, have your family memebers fill out the checklist so you'll know what they like to eat, making it easier to cook food everyone will enjoy.