When you are sick of restaurant meals and tired of eating over the sink,
it's time to move Beyond Bacholor Salad.
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Raisin Salad Celery Sticks

Cooking for One or Two

2 Tbsp. raisins
2 Tbsp. finely chopped walnuts
1 Tbsp. light sour cream or cream cheese
2 Celery stalks cut into 3 inch lengths

Rinse celery stalks to remove any dirt from the base. With a sharp paring knife, chop 1/4 inch off each end of the stalk, then slice each stalk into three or four three-inch pieces.

Skim 1 tsp. of sour cream or cream cheese in the bottom of each celery stick. Sprinkle with chopped walnuts and top with raisins. Press the walnuts and raisins firmly into the sour cream base so they cling to the celery.

Serve Raisin Salad Celery Sticks with soup and a sandwich. They are also a good mid-afternoon snack.

Fruit and Vegies - Natural Portion Control

Cooking for one person sometimes seems challenging when so many things in the grocery store are packaged for two or three or six or eight servings. One way around this is moving to a diet that relies on fresh fruit and vegetables. Natural portion control is built into apples, pears, tomatoes, avocados, potatos, celery, jicama, and a host of other items you'll find in the fresh section at most grocery stores.

Frozen fruit and vegetables are also a great way to maintain portion control in your everyday cooking and snacking.

  • Take a cup of frozen raspberries to work as a mid-morning snack.
  • Measure 1/4 cup of frozen corn to cook with dinner.
  • Blend frozen strawberries into a glass of milk for a late night smoothie.

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