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Strawberries & Cream

Every year when my children were very little, we'd take them to the Spooner Farms u-pick patch. At that time, the strawberry fields were on the outskirts of town and made a good morning outing. The long rows were perfect for the toddlers, but we never got very far into the patch before the oldest stopped and picked the first plump strawberry with his plump baby hand and popped down in the mud for an early snack.

Even if you pick up your strawberries at Safeway this year, this simple recipe will bring the best of the season to your table.

Cooking for One or Two

8 ripe strawberries
2 tbsp. cream
1/8 tsp. vanilla (optional)
2 tsp. sugar (optional)

Cooking for Three or Four

16 ripe strawberries
4 tbsp. cream
1/4 tsp. vanilla (optional)
4 tsp. sugar (optional)

Rinse remove the stems from each piece of fruit. Slice each strawberry into bite size pieces. Place the cut berries in a bowl, sprinkle lightly with sugar and pour the cream over the berries.

Serve immediately with a cup of hot tea. Best eaten while sitting in a sunny spot on the patio.